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The 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting, and your training shouldn't be either.

4th Box Training and Consulting LLC was established to provide training, knowledge, and skills to the every-American so that they can not just exercise their 2nd Amendment right in theory, but do so practically to the maximum of their potential, both safely and effectively.

Whether you're a new shooter with no experience, or an experienced veteran with years of shooting under your belt, 4th Box Training can provide professional training and guidance to meet the needs of those who accept the responsibility of exercising their 2nd Amendment right.


  • Professional

We strive to present a polite, thorough, and enjoyable experience for all of our students. Our goal is to provide a complete training experience that encourages continued learning and progression, whether with us, or from other reputable resources.

  • Competent

With a broad amount of technical knowledge and experience, we strive to bring the most up-to-date and real world relevant techniques and skill sets to our students.

  • Adaptive

We recognize that no two students are alike mentally, physically, or emotionally. We strive to bring techniques and approaches which allow us to be flexible in our methods such that all students' needs are met.

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Steven Calvaresi: Owner, Training Director, Lead Instructor

​Steve is a 13 Year USMC Combat Veteran. He instructed and competed internationally with the USMC Shooting Team, winning both individual and team awards with both the Rifle and Combat Shooting teams. Steve simultaneously served as a Foreign Weapons Instructor and Marksman Coach with the USMC Weapons and Training battalion.

​After his honorable discharge from the USMC, Steve continued to serve as a Department of State contractor, performing thousands of hours of instruction on various applications of firearms, security and emergency response, including escalation of force and use of deadly force.

Steve is certified as firearms instructor by both VA DCJS and the NRA. He is also certified as a CPR, AED and First Aid instructor by ASHI.

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