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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is training held?

  • Unless otherwise specified, training is typically conducted at Echo Valley Training Center in High View, WV. This facility has both classroom space and ample outdoor range spaces for all of our hands-on courses.

  • Classroom only and/or simulator based course are hosted at a private facility in Woodbridge, VA

  • Custom or group courses can be held elsewhere, should the customer have access to another adequate facility.

What sort of conditions and facilities can I expect at Echo Valley Training Center?

  • Echo Valley is an outdoor range, so expect to shoot in cold conditions in the winter and fairly warm conditions in the summer.

  • Classrooms have heat/AC and power, with ample seating and tables.

  • It's a large complex in the woods of WV, and is fairly remote, so you should expect some driving of backwoods gravel roads. Cell signal is 1 bar, at best. It's about 25-30min from the nearest food/gas station, so plan accordingly.

  • Expect to use a Porta Potty for restroom breaks.

 Check out their website for more info:

What sort of conditions and facilities can I expect at Woodbridge location?

  • Indoor classroom conditions with heat/AC, seating and tables. Modern, clean and well maintained.

  • Small kitchenette with sink for student use.

How far do we shoot during the classes?

  • Echo Valley has shooting bays out to 100yd, which is typically the max for any of the current course offerings.

  • Reduced sized targets may be used to further increase level of difficulty, as appropriate.

Are the waivers a mandatory requirement?

Yes. The Training and Policy waivers are REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE who attends training, and there will be a check done at the beginning of class to ensure we have completed waivers on file for each student. Complete the waivers during booking, or from the "Forms" tab.

How do I know exactly what equipment I need to bring?

  • Each course descriptions goes into detail about both required and suggested equipment specific to that course.

  • If you are ever in doubt, email us, and we'll get you on the right path.

Do you have firearms/equipment I can use if I don't have my own?

  • Currently we do not have firearms available to rent, however that is a service we'd like to offer in the future, so stay tuned.

  • We do have a VERY limited supplies of NVGs/lasers available for rent specifically for our Intro to Night Vision class. When emailing to join the waitlist, let us know if you need rental equipment, and we can arrange that if they're still available. This does incur an additional fee.

Can I bring my revolver for training?

Yes, however we advise against it, as all courses are geared towards semi-auto, magazine fed pistols. Some of the technical aspects of the classes may not be directly pertinent to revolvers, but we will do our best to accommodate you if you specifically must use your revolver.

Do you have loaner eye pro/ear pro if I forget mine?

  • Yes. We have a limited amount of loaner clear safety glasses and earmuffs that you may use if you forget yours.

  • We HIGHLY recommend you bring your own, especially a good set of electronic ear muffs if you have or want to invest in them.

How often do we take breaks during class?

There are multiple breaks scheduled in the day, including a lunch break, and you may also excuse yourself at any time if you need to, so long as you don't interfere with other students' learning experience.

Please don't hesitate to contact us via email or through Facebook at any time

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