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Cancellation Policy

We want everyone to get good training, and recognize that emergencies might come up. So, we aim to work with students when they do. That said, we do incur out of pocket costs that are non-refundable to 4th Box Training when we've got to cancel classes with little notice. Below are the policies as they relate to student cancellation. 



  • More than 48 hours notice - 100% refund

  • 12- 48 hours notice - 100% credit towards future class

  • 4th Box Training Staff reserves the right to cancel classes at any time. This includes, but is not limited to: safety, weather, low enrollment, range issues, or staff availability. We avoid cancellations unless absolutely necessary. We want to train!


  • If no contact is made prior to the start of class, you are considered a no-show. You are dropped from class and no refund shall be issued. Credit towards future classes will be considered at the discretion of 4th Box Training.

  • If contact is made prior to the start of class (12 hours or less), you will be dropped from class, but will have the option of a 50% refund or a 75% credit towards future classes​


  • Less than 1 hour after the scheduled start of class - Student may elect to complete class, remediation may be given at instructor's discretion.

  • More than 1 hour after the scheduled start of class - You will be dropped from the class; student may transfer credit for the same course at a later date.


  • If an emergency arises that requires the student to leave less than 2 hour after the start of class, the student may transfer 75% credit for the same course at a later date.

  • Other situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature and duration of the course.


  • 1st violation - Dropped from class, 50% refund or 75% credit towards future classes, following remediation discussion.

  • 2nd violation- Dropped from class, NO refund or credit; banned from future courses.


On rare occasion, 4th Box Training might need to delay the start of course due to range issues, weather delay, unavoidable traffic issues, or unforeseen emergencies. In the case that 4th Box Training or The Range is responsible for delays:

  • Less than 60 min - No refund, class will be conducted, remediation given as necessary

  • More than 60 min - Class will be rescheduled. Students will have the option of a 100% refund or credit towards another course.

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