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Intro to Night Vision

Introduction to use of Night Vision equipment, and various techniques.

Course Details

Designed for shooters with little to no experience with Night Vision equipment. This class will serve as a low stress intro to prepare students to effectively begin to use Night Vision equipment as an integral part of their personal kit for movement, detection, identification, and engagement. Students wishing to attend this class are HIGHLY encouraged to have previously completed the Rifleman 1 course at a minimum, in order to prepare them for the tasks that will become more difficult while using Night Vision. This is a mixed classroom/live fire course. Breaks will be taken periodically during the class for food/restrooms. Pack lunch/water/snacks. Covers basic topics of: - Familiarization with NV/Thermal principles - Introduction to NV/Thermal benefits and limitations - Types of NV/Thermal equipment - NV/Thermal equipment set up, Pros/Cons - Introduction to IR aiming and illumination devices - Weapon configuration and considerations - IR zeroing considerations - Equipment manipulations under Night Vision - Target identification drills - Single/multiple target engagement Minimum requirements (*NVGs/Lasers may be available to rent. Inquire via email*): - Semi-Auto rifle (with picatinny rail space to accept IR devices), with 3 magazines - White light flashlight (for admin tasks in after sundown) - Rifle sling (2 point is preferred, 1 point or 3 point will work) - Head mounted night vision equipment (Helmet/head rig, mounts, PVS-7/PVS-14/PVS-31/DTNVG/RNVG/etc.) - Rifle mounted IR aiming device (PEQ, DBAL, NGAL, RAID, MAWL, or other similar device, with aiming laser at a minimum). - IR Illumination device (may be in the form of a built-in capability within a PEQ/DBAL/etc. device, or as a standalone device such as a Surefire M600V) - Pouches (belt or vest mounted) for holding magazines for reloading - Minimum 3 VISIBLE Green Chem lights (students will ALL be marked via green chem lights. Instructors will be marked by RED chem lights) - 300 rounds of ball ammunition (no Green Tip M855, no AP, no tracer) - Protective eye wear (prescription glass are OK) - Protective ear wear (plugs and/or muffs are ok. Electronic muffs preferable for hearing commands) - Climate appropriate attire (closed toes shoes, full length pants w/o holes, collarless shirt) - Basic firearms cleaning gear (punch rod with bore brush, all-purpose brush, rag, solvent, oil, etc.) - Zeroing tools for IR devices

  • 295 US dollars
  • Echo Valley Training Center

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