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Intro to Semi-Auto Pistol (Live Fire)

Introductory course covers the fundamentals of pistols, mechanics, marksmanship, and care.

Course Details

Pistols are easy to pick up, but difficult to master, even more so without a solid foundation of skills and techniques. This 6-hour course is designed to accommodate newer pistol shooters and those with little/no formal training, to set them on the right path to becoming safe and effective. Next course date: June 10 In this course we will cover: familiarization and nomenclature, mechanics, handling and safety, ergonomics and marksmanship, maintenance. Please bring the following equipment to class: - Semi-Auto pistol, with 3 serviceable magazines (in a hard sided case, or zip up pouch. NO plastic bags or wraps) - Rigid belt with holster (Kydex drop holster preferred. Leather or Nylon will work. STRONG-SIDE, BELT MOUNTED ONLY. We advise AGAINST Serpa Holsters) - 250 rounds of ball ammunition (no armor piercing or tracer) - Protective eye & ear-wear (plugs and/or muffs are ok. Electronic muffs preferable for hearing commands) - Climate appropriate attire (closed toes shoes, full length pants w/o holes, collarless shirt) - Basic firearms cleaning gear (punch rod with bore brush, all-purpose brush, rag, solvent, oil) This is a low stress hands-on course designed around semi-auto pistols. Revolvers are welcome, but the class is specifically tailored towards modern semi-automatic, magazine-fed pistols (e.g. Glocks, S&W M&Ps, H&Ks, Walthers, CZs, 1911/2011s, Sig P320/P200 series). If you are unsure, please reach out to us. This is a mixed classroom and (outdoor) live-fire course. Pack lunch/water/snacks.

  • 160 US dollars
  • Echo Valley Training Center

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