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Intro to Semi-Auto Pistol (Simulator)

Introductory course covers the fundamentals of pistols, mechanics, marksmanship, and care.

Course Details

Pistols are easy to pick up, but difficult to master, even more so without a solid foundation of skills and techniques. This 6-hour course is designed to accommodate newer pistol shooters and those with little/no formal training, to set them on the right path to becoming safe and effective. In this course we will cover: familiarization and nomenclature, mechanics, handling and safety, ergonomics and marksmanship, maintenance. This course utilizes a Ti Training Simulator system to provide safe and fun training on marksmanship, judgement, and friendly competition. This is a all-indoor course. Breaks will be taken for lunch and as needed throughout. There are many restaurants within walking distance of the class location, and a small kitchenette is available on-site.

  • 120 US dollars
  • Old Bridge Road

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