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Intro to Semi-Auto Rifle (Live Fire)

Introductory course covers the fundamentals of rifles, mechanics, marksmanship, and care.

Course Details

This 6-hour course is designed for new shooters, with little/no formal training for semi-auto rifles. This class is specifically tailored towards modern semi-automatic, magazine fed military pattern rifles, such as AR, AK, FAL, G3/PTR, etc. If you are unsure if your gun will be ok, please reach out to us. In this course we will cover: familiarization and nomenclature, mechanics, safety, manual of arms, zeroing sights, ergonomics, marksmanship, and maintenance. Please bring the following equipment: - Semi-Auto rifle (AR/AK variant preferred, if unsure, contact us to discuss), with 3 serviceable magazines. - Serviceable sling with appropriate attachment hardware (2 point is preferred, 1 point or 3 point will work) - 300 rounds of ball ammunition (Green Tip M855, Armor Piercing, or tracer is not permitted) - Protective eye & ear-wear (plugs and/or muffs are ok. Electronic muffs preferable for hearing commands) - Climate appropriate attire (closed toes shoes, full length pants w/o holes, collarless shirt) - Basic firearms cleaning gear (punch rod with bore brush, all-purpose brush, rag, solvent, oil) - Zeroing tools if needed This is a mixed classroom/live fire course. Breaks will be taken periodically throughout the day for lunch/restrooms. Pack lunch/water/snacks.

  • 155 US dollars
  • Echo Valley Training Center

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