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Land Navigation

Learn the skills and tools necessary to navigate without GPS.

Course Details

Learn the skills and tools necessary to navigate without GPS. The primary focus is on utilizing a map and various simple tools to orient, plan, plot, and execute foot travel overland without aid of modern electronic navigation aids. This is a great family activity, and an invaluable skill that translates to all parts of life. This course is 50/50 indoor lecture/outdoor prac apps, and DOES require walking through woods, up/down some hills, and potentially crossing some small streams (weather/season dependent). If you are unable to walk multiple kilometers offroad within a few hours, you may have difficulty with this course. Topics covered include lecture and practical application of: - Tools overview for Land Navigation - Map graphics and marginal data - Interpreting contour lines - Identifying terrain features - Coordinate reading (Lat/Long and MGRS) - G-M Angle conversion and use - Compass use and techniques - Protractor use and techniques - Azimuth techniques - Pathfinding - Dead Reckoning - Pace count measuring and use - Angular offsets - Search techniques The following items are required for this course: - Compass (must be able to display degrees) - Map Protractor (sold by LethalLife Tactical on Amazon) - Map pens (the finer the tip, the better. Staedtler preferred) - GPS unit (optional) - Pace Beads (optional)

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