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Rifle Skills Level 1

Intermediate skills training with semi-auto rifle.

Course Details

Designed for shooters with at least a basic amount of familiarity with semi-auto rifles. This class builds upon the fundamentals of the Intro class, expanding and developing the student's "toolbox" of skills in terms of weapon manipulation, as well as begins to introduce the concept of the rifle as a tool to solve a problem: threats. This class does require some basic athletic ability (ie. flexibility to assume firing positions). LPVOs and/or red dot optics are welcome! This is a mixed classroom/live fire course. Breaks will be taken periodically throughout the day for lunch/restrooms. Pack lunch/water/snacks. Covers basic topics of: - Shooting positions - Reload types - Malfunctions types/clearing - Recognizing and utilizing cover - Firing position transitions - Recognition of threat indicators - Threat evaluation and prioritization - Rifle support equipment considerations - Situational Awareness and Mental Preparation - Shoot/No-Shoot criteria - Firearm Terminal Ballistics - Ammunition selection Minimum requirements: - Semi-Auto rifle (AR/AK variant preferred, if unsure, contact us to discuss), with 3 serviceable magazines and transport case (hard sided case, or zip up pouch. NO plastic bags or wraps) - Serviceable sling with appropriate attachment hardware (2 point is preferred, 1 point or 3 point will work) - Pouches (belt or vest mounted) for holding magazines for reloading - 300 rounds of ball ammunition (no Green Tip M855, no AP, no tracer) - Protective eye wear (prescription glass are OK) - Protective ear wear (plugs and/or muffs are ok. Electronic muffs preferable for hearing commands) - Climate appropriate attire (closed toes shoes, full length pants w/o holes, collarless shirt) - Basic firearms cleaning gear (punch rod with bore brush, all-purpose brush, rag, solvent, oil, etc.) - Zeroing tools if needed

  • 175 US dollars
  • Echo Valley Training Center

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