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Technical Consulting

Professional guidance and advisement tailored towards client assistance. Video-conference optional.

Course Details

Are you working on a project involving firearms, that needs a competency check? Do you need professional advice regarding ballistics, techniques, capabilities, theory, or applications? Do you need guidance that is reliable, thorough, and up to date within the firearms industry? Do you need vetting and direction for accurate portrayal of firearms within media? Then this service is for you! Service can be done on-site (distance/availability restrictions may apply, contact use to discuss specifics and we can decide on arrangements) or via video conferencing. This service is to support your firearm related endeavors, whatever they may be. Contact us to discuss exactly what the scope of your needs are and we'll do our very best to meet and exceed your requirements!

  • 1 hour
  • $60/hr
  • Aldie
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