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VA Concealed Carry (Lecture-Only)

Meets VA 18.2-308.09 for VA Handgun Safety Course.

Course Details

Upcoming Class Dates: TBD & by request This course provides all the information necessary to apply for a VA Concealed Handgun Permit. This is a lecture-only course. There is no shooting/firearms hands-on component. Upon course conclusion, the student will receive a printed certificate that will satisfy "VA Code 18.2-308.09, Complete a Handgun Safety Course". The student is responsible for submitting the cert along with the application and fees to their local jurisdiction. Topics covered: - Basic Firearms Safety and pistol marksmanship - VA Concealed Handgun Permit not-required circumstances - VA Concealed Handgun Permit requirements, restrictions, application process, and state reciprocity - Traveling with a VA Concealed Handgun Permit - Use of Force/Deadly Force principles and relevant VA doctrines - Situational awareness and mental preparation; shoot/no-shoot criteria, post-shooting events and awareness - Firearm terminal ballistics, ammunition selection - Drawing from concealment, wardrobe considerations, firearm and holster selection If you have questions about this course, please contact us before booking!

  • 60 US dollars
  • Homewood Suites

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