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VA Concealed Carry (Lecture + Live Fire)

Basics and more. Meets VA 18.2-308.09 for VA Handgun Safety Course.

Course Details

This approx. 8-hour course provides all the information necessary to apply for a VA Concealed Handgun Permit, plus the hands-on practical exercise for the confidence to use it. Next course date: May 27th (Ladies-only) and June 17th Topics covered: - Basic Firearms Safety and handling - Pistol marksmanship and employment techniques - VA Concealed Handgun Permit not-required circumstances - VA Concealed Handgun Permit requirements, restrictions, application process, and state reciprocity - Traveling with a VA Concealed Handgun Permit - Use of Force/Deadly Force principles and relevant VA doctrines - Situational awareness and mental preparation; shoot/no-shoot criteria, post-shooting events and awareness - Firearm terminal ballistics and ammunition selection - Drawing from concealment, wardrobe considerations, firearm selection, and holster selection Upon course conclusion and demonstrating safe firearms handling and marksmanship, the student will receive a printed certificate that will satisfy "VA Code 18.2-308.09, Complete a Handgun Safety Course". The student is responsible for submitting the cert along with the application and fees to their local jurisdiction. 4th Box Training and Consulting LLC reserves the right to withhold Training Completion Certificates until the student can demonstrate a BASIC level of firearms competency. Attendance is NOT a guarantee of receiving a Training Completion Certificate, without satisfactory performance. Please bring the following equipment: - Semi-Auto pistol (9mm preferred), with 3 serviceable magazines - Rigid belt with holster (concealable OWB/IWB). It is HIGHLY recommended you bring whatever holster you INTEND to carry with. - 200-300 rounds of ball ammunition (no armor piercing or tracer) Round count based on expected drills and student progression. This is an estimate, and it's often better to err with more. - Protective eye & ear-wear (plugs and/or muffs are ok. Electronic muffs preferable for hearing commands). THESE ARE MANDATORY FOR LIVE FIRE. - Climate appropriate attire (closed toes shoes, full length pants w/o holes, collarless shirt) - Basic firearms maintenance tools (punch rod with bore brush, all-purpose brush, rag, solvent, oil) This is a mixed classroom/live fire course. Breaks will be taken periodically throughout the day for lunch/restrooms. Pack lunch/water/snacks. If you have any questions about this course, please contact us before booking!

  • 180 US dollars
  • Echo Valley Training Center

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